Esplora l'eleganza e il comfort di un Country Retreat che è molto più di un luogo: è un santuario per coloro che cercano pace e serenità, desiderosi di immergersi in un'esperienza avvolta dalla bellezza della natura. Benvenuti a Tresserri, dove ogni momento diventa un'ode alla tranquillità. Qui, ti invitiamo a concederti il lusso di abbandonarti completamente agli elementi della natura: avvolgerti nei profumi e nei suoni che la circondano. Tresserri non è solo un rifugio, ma un invito a vivere intensamente ogni istante, a cullarti nel conforto delle sue atmosfere serene. Esplora la tenuta, immergiti in passeggiate rilassanti, organizza pic-nic romantici o deliziatevi in attività sportive nel cuore della natura incontaminata. Qui, il tempo si dilata e si adatta ai tuoi desideri, permettendoti di ritrovare equilibrio e armonia.



Tresserri è il rifugio perfetto per coloro che cercano un'esperienza coinvolgente, dove il comfort e la natura si intrecciano in un abbraccio accogliente. Lasciati avvolgere dalla magia di questo Country Retreat, dove il benessere diventa uno stile di vita e ogni momento è un regalo da assaporare appieno.

  • Yellow room
  • Yellow room
  • Yellow room

Yellow room

The yellow room with a blue bed is embellished with a headboard made entirely of glazed ceramic and represents a subject taken from the Sardinian iconography: the lapwings, a symbol of fertility.

A wooden sheep Mama Bella - also a Sardinian symbol - observes them.

  • Red room
  • Red room
  • Red room

Red room

In the red room the painted boiserie is dominated by a meaningful name, "the nest": intended as a family gathered in a place.

Eva Luna - poor art wood panel placed above the bed - is the one who brings the family together around her.

  • Green room
  • Green room
  • Green room

Green room

The green room is characterized by the presence of an Aggese blanket, hand-woven with natural colors.

The blanket was woven when a child was born, accompanied throughout their life, and brought as a dowry to the wedding where, for the occasion, new parts were weaved in to increase the blanket’s size.

The countryside house

Tresserri is the work of a visionary deeply rooted in his origins and who is in constant search for harmony between past and present. His childhood spent in the stazzo has resulted in the evolution of what now stands before you present day. The estate, once called ‘stazzo’, has been designed with the criterion of self-sufficiency, including a vegetable garden, orchard, olive grove, and cultivation of both lavender and ancient wheat.

Internally there is a large island kitchen, well equipped with everything you need to enjoy preparing dishes of your choice. Oven, American fridge, stove, extractor hood, a large marble sink integrated with the worktop, which is also very large and spacious.

A dining area is present inside the house, but sunny days in Gallura are frequent most of the year and we suggest to take advantage of the outdoor spaces, such as the verandas, BBQ area, and garden; because having lunch under the crown of a tree, immersed in unspoiled nature is - in its simplicity - priceless.

The living room is equipped with a large and comfortable sofa, armchairs and a curated selection of books from the traditional Gallura area to let you savor the riches of a territory rich in culture. Smart TV, Hi-fi system, wood stove and works of art complete the welcoming living room.

The rooms are comfortable and spacious, furnished with paintings and works of art created by the homeowner. Each room is characterized by a different chromatic concept that makes it unique. Available in each room a Smart TV and Wi-fi internet connection. The bathrooms are of modern design to guarantee the necessary comfort for daily rituals. There are large glass showers and large mirrors.

The interiors are air conditioned with modern equipment that allows selective temperature regulation for each zone. Domestic hot water and air conditioning is generated in an ecological way through the use of solar powered panels.

The Wi-Fi internet connection is present in all internal and external areas of the house.

The property caretakers will take care of cleaning the outdoor spaces and greenery surrounding the house every morning.

You can take advantage of seasonal vegetables and fruit produced in our fields, cultivated with traditional methods. Inside the estate there are in fact orchards, citrus groves, vegetable gardens, washbasins and beehives.

A synergistic network of local tour operators will make you live unique experiences, organizing all kinds of activities for you: sports, activities, culture, food and wine.

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Tenuta Tresserri

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