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Tresserri is an estate of 30 acres, where centenary trees and millenary stones coexist, important natural elements that have given the place the magic of canceling the passage of time.

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A synergistic network of local tour operators will make you live unique experiences, organizing for you activities that generate connections with nature. Gallura hides among its cork forests, magical places that are worth discovering.

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Immersed in the heart of the Mediterranean scrub

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The Tresserri estate, a typical Gallurese Stazzo, welcomes in a harmonious and respectful environment, a country house with a sober and minimalist character, revisiting the local architectural elements with all the comforts of a dream rural house.

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Produce of Tresserri

The fruits of the farm

The Tresserri estate houses a real farm that now produces vegetables, fruit, oil and wheat; As well as beekeeping in the shape of breeding. Tresserri aims to cultivate aromatic and officinal crops for the production of oils and various kinds of extracts. As a result, lavender production started a few years ago, a project that will involve two thirds of the estate’s land over the next 3 years. During the week you will often see farm workers at work.

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