To Do in Luogosanto - Hiking on the paths of Gallura

Full day excursions of low to medium difficulty on the beautiful paths of Gallura.

During the summer you can explore Monte Limbara, which at 1362m is the highest mountain in Gallura, characterized by breathtaking panoramic views over northern Sardinia and southern Corsica. The paths are immersed in the oak and coniferous forest, in the Mediterranean scrub and in the mountain garrigue, the presence of endemisms of fauna and flora, spectacular granite formations, some of which were used as shelters for men and livestock from the Bronze Age to the early twentieth century ("tafoni" or "conchi fraicati").

During spring and autumn the choice of routes expands to the Gallura countryside featuring high and low hills, and sightings of valuable archaeological and naturalistic sites and of the ‘stazzi’, historic farmhouses typical of Gallura, essential for understanding history and the geography of the region.

During the mild climate months excursions are available along the coast, in some of the most pristine stretches of Gallura, such as Costa Rossa, Cala Sarraina, Vignola and Monti Russu, Capo Testa, Cala di Trana and Punta Talmone, Monti Zoppu, Capo Figari, and Capo Ceraso.

  • Languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish;
  • Availability: from June 20th to October 15th, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, by reservation;
  • Transport: the guide and group of hikers will meet at the starting point with separate vehicles;
  • Equipment / clothing: every hiker must be equipped with suitable footwear and clothing, a backpack, and enough water and food.

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